WOW, where fashion, theatre and art collide
Wow Story

Step into the world where art and the human form combine.

The Wizard
The Wizard

Where dance, light and music tell a story wuth body as a canvas.

Where art and fashion blurred and merged as one.

The Wizard
The Wizard

2 Hour Show

Held annually in


On a spectacular stage in


Over a

12 Show season

The Wizard
Where over 150 local & International


Takes art off the wall, turn it into

Extraordinary garmets

To compete for prizes worth

over $165,000

And see their garmets perform on the

WOW® Awards Stage

WOW, A Journey that started in 1987

World of WearableArt originally began as a promotion for a rural art gallery in Nelson, New Zealand. The Nelson sculptor, Dame Suzie Moncrieff, had the vision to exhibit art in the form of a live theatrical show.

Sponsored by New Zealand's Brancott Estate, World of WearableArt™ Awards Show is now more than an art exhibition; it's more than a fasion show and much more than an awards show.

Start your WOW journey today.

The Wizard
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  • Backstage Sneak Peak WOW 2011
  • WOW Factor Award 2012
  • WOW Supreme Winner 2012
  • WOW Factor Award 2011
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  • Supreme Award Winner 2011
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New Designer

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What does WOW® offer designers?

WOW® offers the opportunity for designers to experiment with materials and new methods, to push boundaries and think outside the square without commercial expectations or the limits of everyday fashion.

Returning Designer

Key benefits of competing in the Awards
  1. Large prize pool - total prize pool of NZ$165,000 (including Design Awards for New Zealand, UK/Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, Austraila & South Pacific)
  2. 7 Sections with 3 prizes per section and 10 Special Awards with 16 prizes – a combined total of 39 prizes.
  3. Each design team receives one FREE ticket upon being selected into the Show. (Design teams must be comprised of a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 designers).
  4. Marketing of your creativity - WOW® manages an extensive media programme and produces a range of marketing collateral providing possible promotional opportunities for designers.
  5. International stage - be part of an international showcase of wearable works of art.
  6. Audiences - selected garments will be viewed by an audience of more than 47,000.
  7. Exhibitions - An opportunity for your garment to be exhibited at the World of WearableArt & Classic Car Museum in Nelson and Off The Wall:WearbleArt Up Close touring exhibition.
  8. Freighting - Mainfreight supports designers within NZ, Australia and some parts of the USA, Hong Kong, China *Conditions apply
  9. Functions - a celebratory designer after show function on Awards night and a Judges Forum the following morning.
Sections ( Entry Categories )

There are seven sections in 2013. In addition to other awards, each section has NZ$9,700 worth of prize money.

Designers are responsible for ensuring their entry complies with copyright guidelines and that it does not infringe a third party’s intellectual property rights. WOW® Ltd reserves the right to disqualify any entry which does not, in WOW®’s opinion, conform to the guidelines, or which infringes a third party’s intellectual property.


Mainfreight / Duffy Books Children's

Theme : Reinterpret the Tutu

Recreate the theatrical drama of the ballet tutu turning inventive ideas and interesting materials into a work of art to adorn the body.

These garments are to be designed by adults for children to wear.

DRAGGED THROUGH A HEDGE, Gillian Saunders | Nelson

American Express Open

This section has no thematic boundaries and gives the designer complete freedom in concept, construction and materials.

This section encourages a high degree of originality and innovation.

LA DANSE MACABRE, Mercy Brewer | Auckland

Weta Workshop Costume & Film

Theme : The Crazy Curiosities of the Creature Carnival

Strange surreal characters meet in a world without time. A place where dreams and nightmares come to life.

From the beautiful to the bizarre, mysterious to the grotesque, create a costume that crosses the boundaries of wearable art and film.

IN THE OP, Ling Lai Kit | Hong Kong

Tourism New Zealand Avant Garde

Where art and fashion collide! Create a wearable work of art that is revolutionary, extravagant and extrovert but still stylish and made with skill.

Be driven by dreams and fantasies, not commercial reality or the usual restrictions of fashion.

KIN(D)A PUFFER, Heather Wallace | Wellington

Gen-i Creative Excellence

Theme : Art Forms in Nature

Gather your inspiration from the many images of Ernst Haekel and create a work of art to adorn the body.

The geometrical shapes and natural forms seen in the illustrations of Ernst heakel have influenced artists, designers and architects to this day.

IWOODEN BE SEEN DEAD, Dinah & Mark Walker | Auckland

CentrePort Man Unleashed

Theme : Psychedelic Revival

Create a garment inspired by the psychedelic era of the 1960's. A period of intensified sensory experience, colour and vivid imagery.

Consider the optical and visionary art movements of the sixties (OP Art) experimentation with optical mixing to achieve dazzling colour effects and kaleidoscopically swirling patterns. Create a garment to adorn the man with illusion, shape and form.

MARQUISE RAWAHI, Beatrice Carlson | Auckland

Air New Zealand South Pacific

Gather inspiration from New Zealand’s rich Maori culture or other cultures of our South Pacific neighbours.

Celebrate what it is like to live in New Zealand and the South Pacific – the sea, beach, flora, fauna, birds, insects and the wide and wonderful personalities of our unique cultures.

Now you know about all the sections. Why wait ?


Awarded to the designer with the garment considered by the judges to be the most exceptional overall.

Brancott Estate Supreme WOW® Award

Award Winner receives NZ$14,000* plus American Express international travel valued at NZ$10,000

Runner Up to the Brancott Estate Supreme WOW® Award



Each section has three prizes worth NZ$9,700 of prize money.
All selected garments are eligible for the Supreme Award and Special Awards.

First Place Winner


Second Place Winner


Third Place Winner


In addition to the prize money, Weta Workshop Film and Costume Section also includes a 4 week internship at Weta Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand with flights from anywhere in the world and accommodation.

* Denotes an acquisition prize


WOW® Factor Award

Chosen by Dame Suzie Moncrieff as the most innovative garment with the ‘WOW' Factor.

Winner: NZ$5,000* | Runner Up: NZ$1,000

Shell Sustainability Award

This award is for the designer who is concerned about protecting the environment and uses materials that would otherwise be discarded. At least 85% of the garment must be made from recycled materials.

Winner: NZ$5,000* | Runner Up: NZ$1,000

New Zealand Design Award

Winner: $5,000*

Shell Student Innovation Award

Open to all national and international tertiary students.

Winner: NZ$5,000* | Runner Up: NZ$1,000

Booker Spalding First Time Entrant Award

Recognising creativity and innovation in an entry submitted by a first time entrant.

Winner: NZ$5,000* | Runner Up: NZ$1,000

The Dominion Post People's Choice Award

During the WOW® season the audience has the chance to vote on their favourite garment. This Award is announced in the week following the final performance.

Winner: NZ$1,000

Wellington International Awards

Acknowledging the creativity and excellence of international designers, this award goes to the best international entry. The winning designer also receives a prize to travel to NZ when their next entry is selected for the Awards.

Wellington International Winner

Winner: $5,000*

UK/Europe Design Award

Winner: $5,000*

Americas Design Award

Winner: $5,000*

Asia Design Award

Winner: $5,000*

Australia & South Pacific Design Award

Winner: $5,000*

Africa Design Award.

Winner: $5,000*

Competition Entry Process

Step 1 | Entries open | 3rd December 2012

Indicate your intention to enter by filling in the online entry and paying any applicable entry fee before 2 April 2013.

All entrants must be 18 years of age or over.

Step 2 | Compulsory pre-selection | International - 2nd April 2013 | Local - 20th May 2013

Submission of photos of your completed garment is compulsory for all first time and international entires.

* First time entrant is a designer who has never had a garment selected to be in any previous shows

Step 3 | Final postage | 17th June 2013

Entries due in Nelson by 7pm Monday 17 June.

WOW® Terms & Conditions

Entry into the WOW® Awards means the designer will abide by the WOW® entry requirements and the decisions of the Judges. The designer acknowledges WOW® will take every precaution to protect their garment, but understand WOW® is not responsible for acts beyond their control.

  • All entrants must be 18 years of age or over
  • Design teams must consist of a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 designers.
  • Designers must enter under their own names rather than a collective or business name.
Original Concept

The garment must be an original concept designed and created by the designer/s. Designers are responsible for ensuring their entry complies with copyright guidelines and that it does not infringe another person's intellectual property rights. WOW® reserves the right to disqualify any entry which does not, in WOW®'s opinion, conform to the guidelines or which infringes another person's intellectual property.

Media / Imagery / Merchandising

Entries that have been accepted in any other competition in New Zealand or have appeared in any media publications in New Zealand will not be accepted. The only exception to this rule is with tertiary students who have exhibited their garment as part of their curriculum. These students may be eligible but need to apply to WOW® in the first instance. Once accepted in the show, images of garments cannot then appear in media or online / on the internet before Awards Night.

The designer grants WOW® the right to photograph my garment for publication, merchandising or promotional use and to release my contact details to the media for publicity purposes.

Any images or media sent to WOW® become the property of WOW®. All information relating to your entry including images, inspirations and stories may be used for promotional & / or media purposes.


It is the designer's responsibility to insure their property from the time of its dispatch through to its ultimate return.

Garment Retention

Upon payment of acquisition prize money WOW® Ltd may elect to retain ownership of the Supreme Award Winning garment, Runner Up to Supreme Award and all Section & Special Award Winners.

WOW® reserves the right to:

  • Retain selected garments for a period of 12 months following the Awards in activities that relate to the promotion of WOW® or World of WearableArt & Classic Cars Museum.
  • Take photographs or other footage of garments and to publish these, with acknowledgement wherever possible, in publications that relate to WOW® or its sponsors.
  • At its discretion, elect to use all film, broadcasting, internet or related rights for publicity or any other purpose.
  • Have first option to purchase any entry for inclusion in the WOW® historic collection.
Return of garments

It is the designer's responsibility to ensure that their contact details are up to date in the online Designer Database as WOW® uses these telephone, email and street address details to arrange the return of designers' garments.

WOW® will attempt to contact the designer regarding their garment as soon as it is ready to be returned. If WOW® is unable to contact the designer after three attempts over a four week period (by telephone, email and / or post), the designer's garment will become the property of WOW® Ltd.

Payment Requirements

If you choose to pay by cheque or direct credit, please either bank the funds direct to WOW Ltd at any Westpac Bank - Account Number: 03-0751-0298952-000 or post to WOW Ltd, P O Box 9037, Annesbrook, Nelson.

Important Note

Your entry is not complete until funds have cleared into WOW's bank account. This includes all credit card payments and must clear within 10 days of registration.

New Designer Registration

BRANCOTT ESTATE WORLD OF WEARABLEART AWARDS® | WOW® 2013 season | 26th September - 6th October | TSB Bank Arena

WOW® 2013 season | 26th September - 6th October | 2 hours, no intermission | TSB Bank Arena, Wellington

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Show dates & time

Opening Night
Thursday 26th September 8 pm
Saturday 28th September 2 pm, 8 pm
Sunday 29th September 5 pm
Tuesday 1st October 8 pm
Wednesday 2nd October 8 pm
Awards Night
Friday 27th September 8pm
Thursday 3rd October 8 pm
Friday 4th October 8 pm
Saturday 5th October 2 pm, 8 pm
Sunday 6th October 2 pm

Standard Tickets

Premium Plus
( Front row+program booklet )
Premium $130
Standard $99
Front Row Restricted View $65
Restricted View $50
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VIP Hosting

( 10 people per table )
$3,800 +GST
Individual VIP Seat $380 +GST
  • Pre-dinner welcome drink
  • Pre-show gourmet dinner service
  • Selection of Brancott Estate Wines
  • Selection of non alcoholic beverages
  • WOW Show Programme

Sian Potts

VIP Hosting Co-ordinator

Email :

Phone :
+64 3 547 4570 or
0800 4 WOW SHOW (0800 496 974)

Contact WOW VIP Hosting


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WOW Venue | TSB Bank Arena, Wellington
TSB Bank Arena

Queens Wharf, Wellington

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